We all know that buying a new boiler can be expensive and as there is so much choice it can be really confusing when deciding which one is best for you and your home.

When choosing a new boiler there are many factors to think about and the most important one is what is your main concern? Is it the cost, reliability, length of guarantees, backup service, efficiency, to mention a few. Below are 3 important things to consider.

Number 1 – BUDGET

If your main concern is the price there are different things to think about, for example if you are wanting a cheaper boiler as you are moving home soon for example and need the boiler replaced as it’s not working then a budget boiler with a short guarantee would be suitable.

If you buy a budget boiler with a short guarantee these boilers do not generally last the same amount of time as a higher end boiler so if you are planning to be at your home for say the next 10 years you have to think that you may need to change the boiler again before the 10 years is up which will be another cost .

A higher end boiler may initially be more expensive but generally come with a longer guarantee and if maintained well will last a minimum of 10 years

A budget boiler will do its job and have their place to suit those on a tight budget but be aware of the pros and cons.


We all know that guarantees are important and, when it comes to boilers their guarantees can range from 2 years to some offering 12 years!!

Not all guarantees are the same so you should check the manufacturer’s terms and conditions when purchasing a boiler.

Every manufacturer will insist that the boiler be serviced once a year to keep the guarantee active, but it is extremely important that after the boiler installation the engineer fills out the commissioning section in the manufacturer’s book prior to leaving your home as this could invalidate the guarantee.

Generally, you will pay more for a boiler with a long reliable guarantee as with these boilers the manufacturer will repair the boiler free of charge for as long as the guarantee lasts.


Choosing a boiler manufacturer can be difficult and you will need to decide what is important to you and then research the different manufacturers, you will find that when searching for boiler review everyone has their favourites so getting a non-biased opinion can be hard but in our opinion if you speak to the person coming to quote and tell them exactly what you want and what is important to you (cost, guarantee, efficiency , etc) they will advise you as to which boiler would be best for you also a good place to look at reviews from customers, installers and repair engineers on what they think of different manufacturers you can check out WHICH.CO.UK as these are carried out by engineers that are not incentivised by manufacturers.

Always choose what is right for you!! Do your research as what you need or want may be different to others and when it comes to boilers not every home or family is the same.

Always speak to your central heating company for advice and in our opinion always take the advice of a heating engineer/company that services/repairs boilers as well as installs them as they will have a much broader knowledge of different boilers’ reliability and how they operate after a few years.