One of the most common phone calls we get is from people phoning up to say that their radiator/radiators are not working. The good news is that, in most cases, this can be fixed really quickly and easily as the radiator may only need to be bled (getting the air out) for it to start working effectively again. 

This is something anyone can do and there is no need to spend money on paying for a professional to come around and bleed the radiator for you.

Whilst we understand that some people are nervous about touching their heating this is a very simple task that anyone can follow, so here is how we do it every day, first of all you need a bleeding key which can be purchased at any DIY store or plumbers’ merchants or when we are at your property ask us for one.

5 Steps To Follow For How To Bleed A Radiator Properly

Radiator Key for Bleeding A Radiator

Step 1 – Make sure the central heating is not on and has cooled down.

Step 2 – Get a rag or some kitchen roll.

Step 3 – Wrap the rag or kitchen roll around the radiator bleed point

Step 4 – Put the bleeding key in the bleed point and loosen slowly (turn anti-clockwise) until you hear the air coming out, do not turn any further as if you loosen it too much the bleeder would fall out and let water out without you being able to control it. Once you get water coming through shut the bleeding point (turn  clockwise) do not over-tighten as it doesn’t take much pressure to shut it.

Step 5 – After the radiator is bled you will need to top up the boiler pressure unless it is a regular boiler with a header tank in the attic.


If you have any questions on bleeding radiators watch our video or give us a call on 0141 952 0707.