This is work we carried out for a customer that had used us 6 years before at another house. This job is a prime example of how sometimes a boiler replacement is not always as straight forwards as it first seems.

Initially when we went out and priced up for replacing the boiler nothing seemed out of the ordinary. However when we turned up to begin the works we discovered that, when the house was renovated about 10 years ago, the installers had dug into the brick and buried all the pipework including the gas supply into walls with no access to the pipes. As you can imagine this stopped the job immediately, the customer did not want any upheaval to the tiles and was concerned about how we were going to solve this without affecting the kitchen and the newly painted living room.


After some discussions and some hard thinking we decided to take new pipework down through the units and then routed through the floor and into the living room next door and connect onto the existing pipes.

We had to take down the tiles directly under the boiler, chisel out the wall to expose the pipework, then take the pipework out. It was only at this point we could not believe that the pipework ran to the living room and was hidden yet again within a wall there.

We opened up the living room floor and ran new pipes to the boiler, we also got the wall were the tiles were all plastered with a smooth finish which allowed us to run the pipes downwards.

We made sure any disruption was made good again, worked some extra hours to get it finished as close to the original time scale as possible.

This was a challenging job but it was all worth it once we where finished and the customer was delighted after so much time worrying.

We understand that it’s not always the boiler that is the most important thing to the customer but coming up with solutions to problems and looking after their homes and property is always number 1.