We were recommended by a lovely customer who we had done work for previously, we carried out the quote at the church, the church had an ancient heating system with the heat being distributed by cast iron pipes running along at low level on the wall/floor being heated by an inefficient electric boiler.

When we were accepted to carry out the work we asked why we were chosen and we were told it was because, although we weren’t the cheapest, we listened to their needs and tailored and designed the new system and boiler to suit them.

Taking out the old system was probably the worst and most nerve racking part of the job as the only way to get the old pipework out was to physically smash the pipes into sections so we could carry them out. These pipes were coated internally with black sludge from many years gone by, we had to cover walls and floors with plastic sheeting to protect the old church decoration and features, when we took away all the pipework it totalled 2.5 tonnes of cast iron pipe.


We had to size radiators capable of giving enough heat and to work at a reduced temperature as that is what the client had asked for. All our pipework was done in copper in brass clips keeping to the traditional look as most of the pipework was to be visible.

We converted a big cupboard into a boiler room, we sheeted the wall and that created a clear canvas for us to work on, we fitted 2 Worcester-Bosch boilers more than capable of heating the church and giving a backup should one fail, we linked the boilers up to the pipework through a low loss header and efficient controls, we also fitted multiple valves to allow maintenance and repairs in the future to be done with ease and with no need to drain the full system.

Since this initial job we have carried out other works for the church as they were so pleased with our service. We now deal with their community hall as well and have been back servicing the boilers and they still love the system. Worcester-Bosch engineers have also been out and were very impressed with the installation and even took photos.

Not only did we provide our services but we have created a friendship with Bishopton Parish Church and continue to work and help out with them.