More and more customers want the boiler to be hidden away in the lift to maximise the space the have in their homes, this is a great option but what we find is that we get more calls about the boiler not working when they are in the loft and a lot of the time this is simply because the central heating needs the pressure topped up.

This is a normal thing but because the boiler is in the loft people can’t see what the pressure is sitting at , also as it’s up in the loft it’s awkward to get to or if it’s a customer that isn’t the most mobile they can’t get into their loft, this then costs the customer money as they will have to pay an engineer to come and top up the pressure which should be something a customer should be able to do themselves.

A great option to resolve this would be to fit a remote filling point and gauge in a suitable accessible place so the customer doesn’t have to go into the loft to top up the central heating system pressure, simple but very effective.

Boiler Replacement Netwon Mearns 3