Before anyone arrives to give you a boiler quote it is important to consider current boiler installation regulations.

Your new boiler will have to be fitted to meet the current regulations and just because your existing boiler has been in for many years and been serviced this does not mean that it would comply with new regulations.

A couple of regulations your boiler must meet include:

  • That the flue meets the required distances from windows, doors, eaves etc.
  • That the gas supply pipe is the correct size – a replacement boiler may need more gas so a calculation will need to be done. This takes into consideration if you have other gas appliances and how far away the gas meter is from your appliance. New boilers are high efficiency and because of this they have an extra pipe which needs to be fitted into the nearest waste pipe, so it is important you plan for this. If the waste pipe is at the sink, your installer will need to go behind the units or under the floor to make the connection.

These are a couple of important things to think about as all boiler manufacturers guarantees are subject to the boiler being fitted to the current regulations.

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