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Most of the time your heating system will run smoothly but there will be times when they will need to be serviced, repaired or replaced and in some cases an emergency repair might be needed.

Due to the fact that no two jobs are the same, an engineer arriving at your home can be presented potentially with a tricky task and to speed up the entire visit there are several things that a home owner or tenant can do to help the engineer carry out their work efficiently, let take a look at these few tips.

Clear The Work Area

One of the most time-consuming parts of the job can be a cluttered work area or full cupboards when access is required to gas meters, parts, boilers etc.

A cluttered work area can not only add time before the engineer starts but it can prolong the time to do the work as well.

So, it is very important to make sure the work area is free from any materials especially if valuables or fragile items are present.

If unsure ask the engineer once he arrives what area will he need access to.


Turn Off The Appliance / Heating System

We should never forget that a boiler, radiators and other parts of the central heating get extremely hot during use, if your system is still hot when the engineer arrives this can greatly increase the time and cost of the visit as the engineer will need to wait until the system is cool enough to work on.

Once again this is easily remedied by switching off your appliance before the engineer arrives.


Have A List Of Issues Written Down

If possible it is a great idea to write down any problems that the appliance is having for example when it happens, is it only in certain circumstances, time of day, how often you need to top up pressure, this is especially useful with intermittent faults.

The engineer can go through the list asking questions helping to get the work or diagnosis done quicker and more accurately.


Keep Pets Away

As much as most of us love animals when coming to work at people homes pets should be kept in a different room during the visit, pets can be curious and sometimes get in the way when working but the most important reason to keep your pets in a separate room is that the engineer will probably need to make multiple trips out to the van and the last thing an engineer wants is for a family pet to get outside and possibly run away.

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